As you prepare for your alternative break travel, we would like to inform you of escalating activities with ICE and CBP and DACA students. The immigration attorneys working with CSU’s Student Legal Services brought to our attention two DACA cases receiving national news coverage where the individuals have been detained and there has not been a clear, public explanation as to why.  The full extent of the changing activities of ICE and CBP are still unknown and we encourage all individuals to take great care and precaution when traveling.


Current advice includes:

  • Carry DACA paperwork/documents with you at all times
  • Have a local immigration attorney’s phone number with you at all times
  • Avoid any scenario where law enforcement or ICE could get involved
  • has good “Know Your Rights” information that you should print and carry with you
  • (search Red Card) also discusses “Know Your Rights” and has a card  you may print and carry
  • Cristina Steele-Kaplan, an immigration attorney who can help CSU students, will be available to speak to individuals on Friday morning.  Please email her directly at


Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you determine that you will not continue with your planned travel or if you have concerns about your planned travel, please contact us immediately.

Standing for “Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow” the 2013 ASSET Bill (Senate Bill 13-033) allows students without lawful status in Colorado who meet specific qualifications to receive in-state tuition.

To qualify students must:

  • Have attended a public or private high school in Colorado for at least three years immediately preceding graduation.
  • Have been admitted to or already attend a public college or university in Colorado within 12 months of graduating or completing a GED.
  • Have been physically present in Colorado on a continuous basis for at least 18 months prior to enrolling

View this flow chart to check if you qualify for Colorado ASSET in-state tuition. ¿Es UD. Elegible?


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a federal policy operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department. The ASSET Bill is a Colorado State Senate Bill which does not intersect with federal immigration laws. While both DACA and ASSET are public policies that affect undocumented youth, they have separate qualifications. A student who qualifies for DACA is not automatically qualified for ASSET and vice versa. Additionally, a student may qualify for both, neither, or one and not the other.

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