Standing for “Advancing Students for a Stronger Economy Tomorrow” the 2013 ASSET Bill (Senate Bill 13-033) allows students without lawful status in Colorado who meet specific qualifications to receive in-state tuition.

To qualify students must:

  • Have attended a public or private high school in Colorado for at least three years immediately preceding graduation.
  • Have been admitted to or already attend a public college or university in Colorado within 12 months of graduating or completing a GED.
  • Have been physically present in Colorado on a continuous basis for at least 18 months prior to enrolling

View this flow chart to check if you qualify for Colorado ASSET in-state tuition. ¿Es UD. Elegible?


Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is a federal policy operated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Department. The ASSET Bill is a Colorado State Senate Bill which does not intersect with federal immigration laws. While both DACA and ASSET are public policies that affect undocumented youth, they have separate qualifications. A student who qualifies for DACA is not automatically qualified for ASSET and vice versa. Additionally, a student may qualify for both, neither, or one and not the other.