Our monthly Diversity Newsletter features events, articles, stories, and features from all over the CSU campus.

Here are some of our recent issues:

  • February-2017
    • Black History Month, MOVES Workshop, Spring Safe Zone Training, Visible Voices, Proposals for High School Diversity Conference, Proposals for Women’s Conference
  • January-2017
    • MLK Day March, 2017 Chinese Spring Festival Gala, Sinaisky-Kislenko Piano Duo, Traditional Chinese Folk Music Concert
  • December-2016
    • Graduation Commencement Schedule; Special Article: B/AACC 40th Anniversary by Donovan Tate; RDS:De-Stress with Dogs; Worlds AIDS Day Events; Special Article: Thoughts of Black Girl Dangerous by Tricia Alexander
  • November-2016
    • Dr. Adrienne Keene; Native America Heritage Month; Disability Dialogues; World Unity Day; WGAC and World AIDS Day Events; Veteran’s Day 5K
  • October-2016
    • Latinx Heritage Month; 40th Anniversary of B/AACC and El Centro; Homecoming Weekend; SAFE ZONE Training; Dali Quartet; Disability Dialogues
  • September-2016
    • Diversity Symposium; B/AACC and El Centro Celebrate 40th Anniversary; RAMS for Diversity Tailgate; WGAC Events; Disability Dialogues; PRIDE Resource Center; B/AACC Welcome Back BBQ


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