Mary Ontiveros

Office of the Vice President for Diversity

The Office of the Vice President for Diversity (VPD) fosters an inclusive environment that promotes and nurtures diversity, broadly defined, at Colorado State University. Our goal is to further develop an environment where all members of the University community are welcomed, valued, and affirmed.

Current Priorities

2018 Campus Climate Survey

It is the continuing goal of the Office of the Vice President for Diversity’s to further promote and develop an inclusive campus climate designed to welcome, encourage, and embrace differences so all community members are recognized, valued, and affirmed.  The Vice President for Diversity’s Office conducts an Employee Climate Survey every two years.

University Diversity Plans

In 2016, The Colorado State University Strategic Plan established diversity, equity, inclusion, and campus climate as a priority and defined goals that all parts of campus should work to accomplish. One of the many ways that these goals are being accomplished is through the creation of Diversity Strategic Plans by each college and division within the institution.

Gender Equity

The Women & Gender Collaborative connects and promotes campus efforts that support the University’s mission to improve the campus culture and climate around gender and make CSU the best place for women to work and learn.

Diversity Symposium

The Diversity Symposium highlights equity and inclusion service and research, provides space for professional development, and offers opportunities for education. CSU’s 19th annual Diversity Symposium will be held from October 14-18th, 2019.

Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Employees

Colorado State University is committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of all employees by recognizing the inherent value of diversity.  There are a number of resources and initiatives that support this commitment.

Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Students

Similar to our commitment to maintaining a diverse employee pool, Colorado State University is also committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of all students.  We recognize the inherent value of diversity among our student population and strive to support and maintain that.