The Office of the Vice President for Diversity is committed to promoting a campus environment which recognizes, values, and affirms diversity at Colorado State University. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on our continuing efforts to promote inclusive excellence.

Headshot of Mary Ontiveros

Mary Ontiveros
Vice President for Diversity
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(970) 491-1964

Headshot of Ria Vigil

Ria Vigil
Assistant Vice President for Inclusive Organizational Practice
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(970) 491-2297

Headshot of Shannon Archibeque-Engle

Shannon Archibeque-Engle
Assistant Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Assessment
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(970) 491-2450

Headshot of Cori Wong

Cori Wong
Assistant Vice President for Gender Equity
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Headshot of Linda Krier

Linda Krier
Executive Assistant to Mary Ontiveros
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(970) 491-1964

Headshot of Alicia Sprague

Alicia Sprague
Program Coordinator
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(970) 491-6544

Headshot of Rachel McKinney

Rachel McKinney
Program Coordinator
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(970) 491-6849

Headshot of Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan
Fiscal Officer and Business Manager
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Headshot of Brit Heiring

Brit Heiring
Director of Communications
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(970) 491-1882