In partnership with the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President for Diversity is gathering information regarding all faculty, staff, and graduate student-focused university diversity efforts, including professional development, coaching, external consulting, committees, and initiatives, that are currently taking place and focused on making our campus more inclusive, equitable, and just. To that end, we are asking you to complete the following form by March 19 April 23. *Note: the due date has been shifted back to accommodate the various demands on university staff, faculty, and administrators at this time.

Note: For the purpose of this Inventory form, “Effort” is a broad term and will be used to refer to all professional development (e.g. trainings), coaching, external consulting, committees, and initiatives as defined below.

DEI Effort Category Descriptions & Examples

DEI Professional Development: a gathering of people, virtual or in person, where a facilitator shares content to develop knowledge, skills, or understanding, or further educate participants, on issues regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • DEI Professional Development examples: trainings, presentations, workshops, courses, MOOCs, lectures, online modules, etc.

DEI Coaching: meeting with committees, departments, groups of people or individuals, regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices, ideas, or sharing of strategies.

DEI Committees: an official committee created with a purpose to focus on diversity and inclusion, specifically.

DEI Initiatives: a concentrated effort which centralizes diversity, equity, and inclusion in some way through the effort, initiative, or program

  • DEI Initiatives examples: guest speakers, employee affinity spaces, book clubs or common reads, inclusive policy audits, etc.

DEI Consulting: inviting an external DEI consultant to work with, train, teach, or facilitate DEI efforts with your department/unit. This can include external to your department/unit or external to the university.

Important Notes

  • Only the last 3 years need to be reported, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021
  • This inventory is documenting DEI efforts focused on faculty, staff, and graduate students and does not include undergraduates at this time
  • Please coordinate with colleagues within your unit or department to avoid duplicate entries, if possible
  • Professional development, coaching, external consulting, committees, and initiatives should be included – Access the DEI Effort Category Descriptions section for more information.
  • This effort is meant to create a tool to gather input to establish a benchmark which will inform a long-term strategy and assessment.
  • The form will allow up to five efforts to be added per submission. If you are reporting more than five efforts, we apologize for the need to submit additional forms.

The DEI Inventory submission form is now closed. If you have any concerns or need to submit an effort, please email Ria Vigil.