The Office of the Vice President for Diversity (VPD) continues to expand its portfolio of both classroom-style trainings and facilitated conversations. Read descriptions of our current offerings and select the one(s) that you would like to schedule for your group. Please note: VPD offers trainings for CSU faculty, staff, and graduate students. For trainings for undergraduate students, please contact the Students Empowering & Engaging in Dialogue (SEED) program.

Please note: Due to the current demand for engagement with the Office of the Vice President for Diversity, departmental-specific training capacity for the spring 2021 semester is nearing full capacity. Please complete your training request form soon and we will reach out to identify the soonest possible date with you.

Diversity & Inclusion at CSU

This session focuses on how CSU defines diversity and inclusion, what the Principles of Community are and how we can incorporate them as lived values into our departments, and why diversity and inclusion is a best practice for our university.

Minimum 1.5 hours

Unconscious Bias

This interactive session explores the concept of implicit or unconscious bias – what it is, where it comes from, and how, despite our best intentions, it’s not a question of if we have implicit biases – but what implicit biases do we have? Session concludes with an exploration of how to combat these biases with awareness and skills.

Minimum 2 hours

Inclusive Language & Microaggressions

This session focuses on the power of our word choices and explains that using inclusive language is about respect for individuals, not political correctness. Hands-on examples of how to make our language more inclusive are shared. 

Minimum 2 hours

Inclusive Pedagogy

This 5-part training series is designed for faculty looking for pedagogical frameworks and strategies to make their classroom more inclusive.

Minimum 10 hours

Principles of Community

This training discusses the significance of the 5 Principles of Community and empowers each member of the CSU community to uphold these principles when engaging with one another and acting on behalf of the University.

Minimum 1 hour

Managing Hot Button Moments in the Classroom

This training helps participants develop skills for managing conflict in the classroom and navigating hot button moments.

Minimum 3 hours

Recruitment, Hiring, Retention, and Promotion of Diverse Faculty & Staff

University leaders know well the importance of a diverse unit to enhance efficiency and creativity. Yet, efforts to increase recruitment and retention of diverse individuals within units has often had lukewarm results. This session will highlight best practices to enhance efforts and broaden capacity. Participants will walk away with practical next steps that can be implemented immediately.

Minimum 1.5 hours

Multicultural Organization Development Model

This workshop focuses on identifying strategic goals and actions to move their unit toward an inclusive and equitable multicultural organization.

Minimum 1.5 hours

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