Mary Ontiveros

As Vice President for Diversity, Mary Ontiveros leads Colorado State University’s diversity efforts and reports directly to the President. Ontiveros has been an employee of CSU since 1974, working in leadership positions in Admissions, as a faculty affiliate, and special assistant to the president of CSU-Pueblo. She has served on numerous CSU committees, councils, and task forces, and is a member of several professional organizations. She lives in Fort Collins with her husband and son.

Vice President for Diversity oversees:

  • Leading diversity planning efforts, including assessment, evaluation, and accountability
  • Developing strategic partnerships, alliances and collaborations
  • Organizing the annual campus wide Diversity Symposium
  • Helping to coordinate activities among on-campus units, commissions, committees, and task forces
  • Representing the University through networking and collaboration with outside communities, schools, and organizations